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We are a born in the cloud security company

We believe in forward thinking, solid and creative solutions when it comes to protecting identities, assets and resources in cloud environments.

About Us

Unosecur was founded by cloud experts and entrepreneurs who worked for many years with Enterprises, SMBs and Public Sector Organizations, helping them implement cloud services and security at scale. From our headquarter in Berlin, Germany, we serve our customers in Europe, USA and APAC.

The idea of Unosecur was born through the pain of our customers who experienced breaches by compromised identities and accesses from inside and outside of the organization. Since traditional security methods don’t apply in the cloud environment, we had to come up with a solution that is highly secure and scalable. Now, after more than a year of R&D, we were able to build a very effective and intuitive cloud identity governance platform for multi-cloud, covering AWS, GCP and Azure.

The platform helps organizations detect, quantify, remediate and centrally manage identity and access risks. It provides activity-based access control, enforcing principle of least privileges and access right-sizing. This means developers would get access and permissions to conduct a task as required but not more or longer than needed.

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Our Values

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Company Culture

We believe in forward thinking, solid and creative solutions when it comes to protecting identities

Company Culture

We embrace a dynamic company culture, supporting remote-first and positive social interactions where team members can contribute and build relationships with each other.

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