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Who can benefit from using Unosecur?

Unosecur is designed to benefit a wide range of professionals involved in cloud security and identity management, including CISOs, DevOps, DevSecOps, IT Managers, and SOC teams. Additionally, Unosecur has created low-code/no-code workflows assisted by AI, making it accessible to non-technical team members as well. This means that anyone in your organization can easily manage and enhance security measures without needing extensive coding knowledge.

How easy is it to integrate Unosecur with our existing cloud infrastructure?

Integrating Unosecur with your existing cloud infrastructure is straightforward and non-intrusive. Unosecur is agentless, meaning it requires no software agents to be installed on your systems. Instead, it seeks read-only permissions to access your cloud environment. This allows Unosecur to pull data in near real-time, ensuring up-to-date identity management and security without disrupting your current operations. The integration process is designed to be seamless, minimizing any potential impact on your workflows.

Does Unosecur support multi-cloud environments?

Yes, Unosecur supports AWS, Azure, and GCP, ensuring consistent security and identity management across all major cloud providers. One of Unosecur’s key features is its single pane of glass view, which allows you to manage and monitor security policies and identities across multiple cloud environments from a unified interface. This holistic view simplifies administration, enhances visibility, and ensures that your security posture remains robust and cohesive, regardless of the cloud platform in use.

How does Unosecur's real-time identity-based threat detection compare to other products?

Unosecur's real-time identity-based threat detection stands out due to its advanced capabilities developed in our state-of-the-art in-house SOC lab. This facility has enabled us to build robust and highly sophisticated threat detection mechanisms that monitor and analyze identity-related activities continuously. Unlike many competitors that may rely on periodic scans or have slower threat detection systems, Unosecur provides near-instantaneous responses to potential threats, significantly enhancing security and minimizing risks. Our dedicated SOC lab ensures that we stay ahead of emerging threats and continuously improve our detection capabilities, offering a superior level of protection compared to other products on the market.