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Challenges faced

Unnecessary long-standing privileges of identities
Monitoring and preventing misuse of entitlements
Credential theft, privilege escalation, lateral movements
Excessive access to sensitive data, services and resources
No continuous Single or Multi-Cloud IAM monitoring

Why Unosecur


Centralized permissions
Synthesizing data in the cloud applications
Detailed overview of the threats
Granular visibility to the risks

No code workflow

Identity Runtime visibility
Just-in-Time User Access Privileges
Generate Policies at Granular Level
Easy-to-use platform with no prior coding experience needed for the users

Automated remediation

Deep analytics to detect and mitigate privilege misconfigurations
Apply least privilege principles
Access control & right-sizing
Activity-based access control

Audit and Report

Detailed analysis of users and their accessibility to the data
Audit Log Feature for investigation and forensics about the actions of the users
Extensive daily, weekly, and monthly scheduler for reports
Dedicated dashboard and free reports for auto download from onboarding till real-time

Detection and Response

Authorization and Permission for all cloud identity and security needs
Classification of high-risk actions for human and machine identities
Granular analytics on runtime through IAM analyzer
No-code workflow and auto-remediation

Why Unosecure

Detection and response
Identity Runtime visibility
IAM action/resources based risk classification
Provide intelligent insight in real-time by discovering who, what, why
Automated remediation
Deep analytics to detect and mitigate privilege misconfiguration easily
Activity-based access control & right-sizing
Enforce principle of least privileges
Identity & access governance
Enforce entitlement and policies control
Provide Just-in-Time permissions
Central logging for all IAM credentials for granular insights
Audit & report
Audits for identity and access privileges and compliance available at any time
Insightful reports for risk assessment, investigations and forensics

Unosecure value add

No-code cloud identity security platform with threat detection and response capabilities
Cloud-native end-to-end solution with 5 minute agentless onboarding, runtime visibility, and protection for all the workloads running in the cloud
Authorization and permission to all the IAM needs at scale with the growth of an organization
Distinct user experiences for different roles across the organizations
Fast-track discovery and analysis of the historical activities by the users helping in predefining potential risks in runtime and finding solutions in advance.
Auto remediation policies for access privilegesright-sizing and right sizing

Unosecur best use cases

Gain complete identity runtime visibility that currently you don’t get from CSPM or SIEM
Enforce least privilege across cloud environments through no-code workflows
Dynamically enforce access policies and eliminate dormant accesses
Understand identity risks within minutes and remediate high-risk issues with few clicks
Achieve access right-sizing for human and machine identities
Prevent malicious activities by having cloud identity detection and response
Identity graph for deeper visibility to detect attack vectors

Where Unosecur fits in the security stack

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement
Management (CIEM)
Cloud Identity Governance (CIG)
Enterprise Cloud Security
Zero Trust
Cloud Access Rights

Technology and Service Integrations

Learn how Innovapptive’s engineering and DevOps teams leveraged Unosecur to secure their cloud environments.

Unosecur helped Innovapptive gain visibility and eliminate cloud identity threats in their AWS environment.
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