March 16, 2023

Unosecur helped Innovapptive gain visibility and eliminate cloud identity threats in their AWS environment.

The Challenge:

Innovapptive, is a leading enterprise mobility and digital transformation solutions provider with modern IT workforce

  1. As a cloud-native organisation, Innvoapptive needed granular visibility into their AWS environments to identify ‘Who’ are their users and baseline them.
  2. Innovapptive were looking for an Identity Security tool which can provide real-time visibility in finding their long standing and pesky users.
  3. They were also looking for a tool which could find and fix identity threats automatically so that their DevOps and Engineering teams could focus on core tasks for their business growth.


  1. Unosecur offered an easy to use cloud identity security solution and quick time-to-value so that Innovapptive were able to figure out long standing users and over privileged users.
  2. Unosecur’s agentless scanning architecture supported with seamless onboarding began to correlate all identity and cloud permission gaps within AWS environments.
  3. The DevOps teams were able to understand the blind spots and started removing access to unused services and applications.
  4. With Unosecur’s 90 days data sync, they were able to see the past and the present behaviour of various identities and mitigate them
  5. Continuous enforcement of least privilege policies created using automated and no-code workflows, allowed them to remain compliant and audit ready

Customer Outcome:

  1. Increased efficiency: Innovapptive was able to collaborate more effectively with their vendors by using Unosecur's Just-In-Time permissions feature. This helped them reduce the risk of unauthorized access and maintain better control over their cloud infrastructure.
  2. Improved visibility and control: Unosecur's solution enabled Innovapptive to gain granular visibility into their AWS environments, identify their users, and baseline them. This helped them understand their cloud infrastructure better and enabled them to have better control over their cloud resources.
  3. Reduced operational overhead: Unosecur's automated workflows helped Innovapptive's DevOps teams focus on core business tasks instead of spending time fixing identity-related issues. This helped Innovapptive save time and money.
  4. Improved compliance: Unosecur's continuous enforcement of least privilege policies helped Innovapptive meet regulatory requirements and avoid potential penalties.

"As a leading enterprise mobility and digital transformation solutions provider, we were looking for a cloud identity security solution that could help us gain granular visibility into our AWS environments and mitigate identity threats effectively. Unosecur's solution was recommended to us, and we found it easy to use and with a quick time to value. Unosecur's agentless scanning architecture helped us identify and eliminate identity threats. This enabled our DevOps and Engineering teams to focus on core business tasks and reduced our operational overhead.” - Srujan, Manager- IT Infrastructure, Innovapptive Inc. | Mobile Workforce Management


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