Empower Your Cloud Security with Unosecur and AWS

Unosecur collaborates closely with entire AWS services to offer comprehensive threat detection and response capabilities. As an AWS Partner, Unosecur is listed on the AWS Marketplace and integrates seamlessly with AWS services. This integration maximizes the effectiveness of your cloud-native security suite, empowering your SecOps team to protect your infrastructure with confidence.

AWS and Unosecur partnership

Unosecur plugs into AWS within minutes to gather actionable insights covering the entire set of AWS services. As an AWS partner, Unosecur supports agentless integration with no sidecars deployed to manage, ensuring zero disruption to business continuity. What's unique is the transparent access to the cloud account; Unosecur connects via read-only access so that you stay in control, always.

Cloud security operations made easy for AWS infrastructure

Prevent breaches by restricting identity threats at runtime. Use no-code workflows for seamless collaboration between business and security teams.

Deploy with One Click

Purchase directly on AWS marketplace and integrate Gem's agentless platform in minutes.

Be Breach Ready

Gem provides real-time visibility over all your AWS services, including IAM, EC2, Lambda, EKS, S3, and RDS, to ensure you are breach ready.

Detect & Triage

Gem enhances your existing AWS services with context and automation to enable security operations to work smarter and faster.

Protect what matters most

Secure human and non-human identities (NHIs) at scale powered by AI. Don't wait for a security breach to happen. Get a free assessment today and secure your business.