Identity Least Privileges Implementation

Dynamically adjust permissions in real-time to implement the least privilege at scale powered by GenAI across multiple cloud providers.

Stop Identity Chaos. Gain Complete Control.

Do you ever worry about who has access to your critical cloud environments? Unosecur gives you total visibility and control over identity privileges.

Unify Your Identity Landscape: See all access rights across your cloud platforms in one place. No more silos!

Eliminate Blind Spots: Unearth hidden access pathways, user activities, and security exposures lurking within your systems.

Simplify Security Management: Effortlessly understand exactly who can do what, with granular detail for all human and machine identities.

Actionable Insights: Don't get bogged down in data overload. Unosecur empowers data-driven decisions with actionable intelligence and automated workflows, streamlining security management and allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Stop reacting to breaches, proactively prevent them.

Unosecur delivers a comprehensive solution that empowers you to:

Gain holistic visibility into user and machine identities, including activity, access levels, and security controls.

Unify identity data from disparate sources for a complete picture of your security landscape.

Ensure least privilege by reviewing identity privileges and aligning them with best practices and organizational policies.

Continuously monitor for suspicious activity and misconfigurations with real-time alerts and automated remediation workflows.

Gain granular insights by drilling down into specific identities and their access, allowing you to identify and address potential security risks.

Simplify security audits and reporting with easy-to-understand dashboards, interactive reports, and a centralized view of identity data.

Unosecur: The Unmatched Champion of Identity Security

Request a free demo today and see how Unosecur can help you achieve least privilege and secure your cloud environment.

Here's what sets Unosecur apart from the competition:

Unified Identity Visibility: Break down data silos and unify your identity data for a complete picture of access and permissions across your cloud landscape. No more struggling with fragmented information.

Identity Storyline: Visualize the path to access for every identity, including how they obtained their permissions (group, policy, role). This innovative feature makes security audits a breeze and ensures you understand exactly how users are accessing your systems.

Actionable Intelligence: Don't just see the data, understand it. Unosecur provides real-time insights into identity risk and user behavior, allowing you to take decisive action to improve your security posture and prioritize threats effectively.

Continuous Monitoring: Proactive security is key. Unosecur continuously monitors your environment, identifying and addressing security threats with real-time alerts and automated workflows before they become major incidents.

Interactive Reporting: Unosecur offers customizable reports, filters, and a centralized view of identity data, simplifying security audits and reporting.

Protect what matters most

Secure human and non-human identities (NHIs) at scale powered by AI. Don't wait for a security breach to happen. Get a free assessment today and secure your business.