Identity Threat Detection and Response

The threat landscape is constantly shifting, with malicious actors targeting user and machine identities to infiltrate critical systems and data. Unosecur provides a powerful, real-time solution to combat these ever-present threats, giving your organization the upper hand.

Proactive Threat Protection: Stop Attacks in Their Tracks

Continuous Vigilance: Unosecur relentlessly monitors user and machine activity, identifying suspicious behavior and attempts to compromise identities.

Preemptive Defense: Don't wait for a breach to happen. Unosecur proactively safeguards your organization from data initial access, privilege escalation and lateral movement using MITRE ATT&CK models. 

Always Prepared: Maintain an "assume breach" posture with complete visibility into your identity landscape. Stop account takeovers and prevent privilege abuse before they escalate.

Unparalleled Detection and Automated Response: Gain the Upper Hand

Real-Time Threat Identification: Unosecur continuously monitors identity activities and security controls for adversarial changes. This allows for immediate threat identification and analysis of the potential impact across your identity fabric.

Automated Incident Response: Stop wasting time on manual interventions. Unosecur automates incident response workflows, enabling you to swiftly mitigate security issues with predefined mitigation strategies.

Rapid Threat Containment: Respond to threats faster and with more confidence. Unosecur helps you block attack chains early and prevent lateral movement, stopping attackers in their tracks.

Effortless Integration and Scalable Protection: Simplify Security Management

Streamlined Investigations: Accelerate threat triage with automated threat intelligence sharing across multiple cloud providers. Unosecur empowers your security team to focus on what matters most – investigation and remediation.

Scalable Security: As your business grows, so too does your security posture. Unosecur scales seamlessly to protect every user and machine identity across your organization, ensuring comprehensive identity threat protection.

Protect what matters most

Secure human and non-human identities (NHIs) at scale powered by AI. Don't wait for a security breach to happen. Get a free assessment today and secure your business.